Schwab Personal Trust Services. Fee schedule and information as of July 2017.

Marketable securities
Trust Assets Annual Rate
First $5 million 0.50%
Next $5 million 0.25%
Next $15 million 0.10%
Above $25 million 0.05%
Minimum annual fee = $5,000
Non-marketable securities
Irrevocable life insurance trusts
First policy $2,500 annually
Each additional policy $500 annually
Residential real estate and vacation property*
Each property $3,000 annually

Additional fee information.

Trustee and investment management services fees.
Charles Schwab Trust Company (CSTC) charges a fee for administration, investment management, tax return preparation and filing, and other ordinary expenses. Any fees paid to a distribution advisor, trust protector, or other co-trustee come in addition to CSTC’s fees and will be charged as an expense of the trust.

Additional fees and reimbursement expenses.
Fees or expenses for special services provided by CSTC will be charged upon delivery of such services. Examples of additional charges may include, but are not limited to, administrative fees or expenses related to the termination of accounts, dispute resolution, litigation expenses or loan/note liability processing.

Early termination fee.
The full minimum annual fee may be assessed to any trust that terminates with CSTC fewer than 12 months from inception.

Fees are calculated and charged quarterly. CSTC fees are subject to change upon notice.
At its sole and exclusive discretion, CSTC may decline at any time to serve as trustee on any proposed relationship. All trust documents and assets must be reviewed prior to the acceptance of an appointment as trustee.

The rates set forth above reflect our use of Schwab investment products and services in the management of the trust. CSTC and/or its affiliates benefit from compensation derived from these arrangements and may receive investment management, administrative, brokerage, and other compensation in connection with the trust. Such compensation comes in addition to the rates detailed in this schedule.

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