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You’ve worked hard to build a solid financial foundation. It’s important to make sure your family will continue to benefit from your efforts.

Creating a trust that fits your financial goals involves many decisions. Perhaps the most important is whom you choose to manage it.

Charles Schwab Trust Company (CSTC) offers clients the opportunity to assign the role of trustee to an organization focused on clients and their families and specifically designed to serve as a fiduciary.

Why a corporate trustee?

Working with a corporate trustee like Charles Schwab Trust Company can give you:

  • Objectivity. We will administer your trust according to your wishes and in a professional and impartial manner.
  • Experience. We have the expertise to carry out all duties associated with serving as your trustee, including the investment of trust assets, administration of the trust in accordance with the terms of your trust, professional and timely recordkeeping, preparation, and filing of trust income tax returns.
  • Continuity. We can provide seamless, responsive trust administration and trust portfolio management for as long as your trust endures.

We understand that life takes many different turns along the way. We are committed to providing dedicated, ongoing trust administration that upholds your wishes for the future. If you’re ready for a transparent partner to administer and invest your trust, we look forward to working with you.

Get started.

CSTC was established to provide our clients with corporate trustee services, including trust administration and investment management, while enabling our clients to maintain their relationship with Schwab for their brokerage needs.

If you’re interested in appointing CSTC as your trust’s corporate trustee, please follow the steps listed below. If you have any questions, contact CSTC via email at or by calling 877-862-4304.

The next steps:

  1. Complete and submit the following form to receive our Personal Trust Planning Checklist, Standard Trust Provisions, and other important information.
  2. Please review the Personal Trust Planning Checklist to determine what is needed for your unique trust requirements.
  3. Review important information regarding requirements for CSTC to accept your trust appointment.

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